" I brought my horse to a reputable stable where he was deemed to be unsound.  I was devastated by the news but not 100% in agreement. I was then put in touch w/ Stacia who agreed to take on Pocco for a few months.  Through her guidance and determination, he learned to carry himself correctly and comfortably.  He went on to receive high point awards through a local riding club. Stacia's talent proved the others wrong and by correcting Pocco's problem she revealed the wonderful horse within himself. " ~ Andrea and Grace Barstow

Chelsea Lanpher is available for lessons in Jumping.  Cheslea starting riding lessons at the age of 9 and soon after developed a passion for competition.  She started in local equitation and started training and showing in eventing. With her partner Remington who she showed through USEA novice level before his retirement.  She later returned to dressage with her current partner Cabaret.  Her current college schedule has kept her from returning to competition but  she still regularly schools in both disciplines and appreciates how dressage training has improved her horse and benefits all horses and equestrians. She has never lost her love of jumping and enjoys teaching and sharing with others the knowledge she gained through both disciplines.

My passion for horses began at the age of 6 when I had my first riding lesson. Due to financial restrictions I rode mostly for pleasure in my youth.  After college I learned  to school horses of all ages for dressage competitions.  After working with numerous horses and earning several EMDA and MDS awards, championships and medals, I went on to further my education in classical dressage under the instruction of Vitor Silva.  I have continued with my education over the years attending numerous clinics with well known local and international trainers such as Mary Gunzel, Karl Mikolka and Jean Luc Cornille.  

After showing through third level, and training through more advanced level work,  I have come to the understanding the limits that competition focused training has on the advancement of the horse's physical well being.  Many horses, local through international levels, have short careers due to idiopathic pathologies that can be prevented through a more complete approach to riding and training.  I have decided to dedicate all my time and finances toward my farm, its dedicated clients and advancing my knowledge of equine biomechanics. I am currently enrolled in the Science of Motion's In Hand Therapy Course to further my understanding of  equine physiology. Applying those principles toward my training will prevent career ending soundness issues that effect so many horses at an early age.   I also attend clinics with Jean Luc regularly when he visits Maine.  

With  a well rounded approach through in hand work, liberty and mounted work, based on the best scientific knowledge in equine physiology,  I share my passion with  clients of Stone Ridge Stables.  I am available for lessons and training for farm clients for all disciplines with the focus on balancing the horse and rider.  Contact me through this website or FB page for more information.   Stacia Russell